Founded by Veterans, with their own journey and understanding of the challenges faced, we understand the specific needs that require specific solutions.
Our commitment, as we know how hard it can be to engage and trust those with no military background or no awareness is to ensure our teams have either a military background, association with the military or have the necessary training to understand the needs of our Veterans.
We ensure that our services recognise the needs of our Veterans so that they do not feel excluded and are able to fully participate in all the programmes and opportunities. An integral part of this is the provision of mentoring and peer support. They will always have someone that can relate to the challenges, ensure that appropriate opportunities are shared and provide the support to benefit from those opportunities.
Peer support is an integral part of our independent living, enabling peer support between residents, in parallel to providing the services that meet the health, education, and employment needs. We do not want our clients to self-exclude from non-veteran specific services, so we provide all the encouragement and support to enable a smooth transition to civilian life.

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