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At Veteran Housing Group we believe that no Veteran should be unemployed unless it’s their choice. Our Veterans will receive the training and support to fulfil this vision, so in parallel to any training plan we identify and establish the career aspirations of our Veteran, establish the steps to achieve this and collectively work towards this.

We will work on anything from CV writing, funding for entrepreneurs, recruitment events and identifying organisations who recognise the unique skills, experience and knowledge of our Veterans.

For our Veterans to thrive independently they need employment and the benefits it brings, the routine, the stability and the increase in confidence.

We plan to increase the number of Veteran owned companies, reduce unemployment in the ex-military community and we will lead by example, so the services within our homes will be run by Veterans.

As a Veteran founded organisation we care and understand the difficulties of leaving the Armed Forces and will utilise all opportunities and relationships to maximise the impact we have.